Public service news updates

Met Office HQ
Gordon Hutchinson a Prospect members from the Met Office took to the platform at the TUC to support a motion calling for more public sector boards to include proper trade union representation on behalf of employees.

Public servants with campaign stickers
Prospect union has stepped up pressure on the government to scrap the public sector pay cap by launching a new campaign to galvanize its members ahead of the Autumn Budget.

Scottish Parliament
Prospect union has welcomed the statement by the Scottish Government that it is to lift the 1% cap on public sector pay for 2017-18 and will base future rises on “the cost of living”.

Pound coin
The Scottish Government today published it's most recent Programme for Government. The Programme makes clear that the Scottish Government will end the pay cap for civil and public servants working for the Holyrood administration in 2018.

Whitehall alt
The government’s chief people officer, Rupert McNeil, has praised the Valuation Office Agency’s new approach to performance management in a letter to Prospect negotiator Rose Willis.