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Public service news updates

Scottish Parliament
Senior Officials from FDA, PCS, Prospect and the Council of Scottish Government Unions met the Permanent Secretary at the Scottish Government on 10 January to discuss the outcome of the judicial review taken by the former First Minister Alex Salmond  

Scottish Government's public sector pay policy "robs one set of workers to pay another"

Brexit Scrabble
The Brexit process has resulted in a huge amount of uncertainty, not least for civil servants who are at the frontline of preparing the UK for exit.

Ken Mulkearn
The median pay rise across the public sector in the past 12 months was 2%, but remains lower than the median pay increase in the private sector and is still being outstripped by inflation, Ken Mulkearn, the director of Incomes Data Research, told Prospect's pay seminar.

Derek Mackay and Richard Hardy
Prospect and the other civil service unions have reached a groundbreaking agreement on Fair Work with the Scottish Government