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Public service news updates

UK will lose out in Brexit negotiations without specialist skills, warns Prospect

Professionals, managers and specialists in the civil service have endorsed today’s report from the National Audit Office on civil service capability
Job/career options: nurse, doctor, police etc

Government playing political football with public servants' pay

The government will not be able to recruit or retain the workforce it needs to meet the challenges facing the UK unless it changes its approach to public sector pay and reward.
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Scientists and engineers bring Brexit concerns to Parliament

Prospect members from a wide range of science and engineering disciplines will tell MPs and Lords today (Tuesday 7 March) how uncertainties about Brexit are impacting on them and their organisations.
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Unions and Cabinet Office discuss changes to national vacancy filling scheme

Civil services unions and the Cabinet Office are discussing changes to the national scheme for filling vacancies.
Job/career options: nurse, doctor, police etc

Government Commercial Organisation's pay and reward plans under fire

Prospect is warning members in the Government Commercial Organisation to seek financial advice before agreeing to transfer to new terms and conditions.
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