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Quick access to a range of civil service-related documents from our library.


Public service documents

PSSEC-PublicSectorPensionSchemeValuation-Update-September2018   info
Circular outlining the impact of Treasury announcements re public sector pension scheme valuations.
 13 September 2018 

Letter to Treasury Committee re ministerial statement on public sector pension valuations   info
Letter from DGS to Chair of Treasury Committee requesting the committee question Treasury ministers and officials about the potential impact of changes to the discount rate used in public sector pension valuations on public spending.
 12 September 2018 

Pay Remit Guidance   info
This circular advises that the Treasury has now published the pay remit guidance for 2018-19.
 25 June 2018 

PSSEC - firefighters' and judges' age discrimination cases   info
A circular outlining the recent EAT decision about age discrimination claims brought by firefighters and judges in relation to public sector pension reform.
 09 February 2018 

Autumn Budget 2017 - initial summary   info
This second Budget of 2017 is the first of what is intended to be a new sequence of annual Autumn Budgets, interspersed with spring “statements” on the state of the economy and public finances with fewer new policy measures. This briefing focuses on issues that may be of particular interest to Prospect members. Contents • Introduction • Economy • Brexit • Public finances • Wages and living standards • Self-employment • Public sector pay, employment and funding • Developments and announcements relevant to specific industries and sectors o Defence o Energy o Environment o Nuclear o Science o Transport
 22 November 2017 

Prospect Response Civil Service DC Pensions Provider Consultation   info
Response to Cabinet Office's consultation on the appoint Legal & General as the sole provider for Civil Service's defined contribution pension schemes.
 25 October 2017 

A Severance Policy for Scotland: Consultation on severance arrangements across the devolved public sector   info
AFPO response to Scottish Government Consultation on Severance
 23 June 2017 

Age Discrimination in the Judges' and Firefighters' Pension Schemes   info
An update on the Employment Tribunal decisions on compaints that pension protection for older judges and firefighters was an unjustifiable age discrimination.
 31 January 2017 

PublicEye magazine, December 2016   info
PublicEye, Prospect's newsletter for members in public services. December 2016 issue
 21 December 2016 

Autumn Statement - initial summary 24 November 2016   info
Contents • Economy • Brexit • Public finances • Wages and living standards • Public sector pay and employment • Public services and departmental spending • Privatisation and asset sales • Public investment • Telecoms • Science, research and development • Transport • Aviation • Energy • Defence • Heritage • Industrial Strategy • Self-employment • Prospect’s response
 24 November 2016 


Switch to Direct Debit   info
'Your subs made easy with Direct Debit'. This form is for members who pay their Prospect subscriptions by check-off (direct from their salary) but want to switch to Direct Debit

Performance management in the Civil Service: quick guides   info
Quick, printable guides on performance management in the civil service - one for employees, the other for managers

Government that can, needs people who know how – one year on   info
Civil service reform one year on

Engineer a better future for women in science - join your union   info
A5 recruitment leaflet for women in science, tecnology, engineering and maths

PublicEye magazine

PublicEye magazine, December 2016   info
PublicEye, Prospect's newsletter for members in public services. December 2016 issue
 21 December 2016 

PublicEye, civil service compensation scheme special edition   info
A special edition of PublicEye, for members in public service, covers proposed changes to the civil service compensation scheme
 05 October 2016 

PublicEye magazine, issue 2, August 2016   info
Prospect's newsletter for members in public services. This issue includes: civil service compensation scheme and the union's new manifesto for staff in public services
 15 August 2016