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Quick access to a range of civil service-related documents from our library.


Public service documents

A Severance Policy for Scotland: Consultation on severance arrangements across the devolved public sector   info
AFPO response to Scottish Government Consultation on Severance
 23 June 2017 

Pay in the civil service and the wider public sector   info
Prospect general secretary wrote to the Prime Minister on 19 June calling on the government to lift the 1% cap on public sector pay and revise the Treasury's pay remit guidance to civil service departments and agencies.
 19 June 2017 

'I'm worth more than 1%' poster   info
A4 poster for members in public services
 21 February 2017 

Age Discrimination in the Judges' and Firefighters' Pension Schemes   info
An update on the Employment Tribunal decisions on compaints that pension protection for older judges and firefighters was an unjustifiable age discrimination.
 31 January 2017 

PublicEye magazine, December 2016   info
PublicEye, Prospect's newsletter for members in public services. December 2016 issue
 21 December 2016 

Autumn Statement - initial summary 24 November 2016   info
Contents • Economy • Brexit • Public finances • Wages and living standards • Public sector pay and employment • Public services and departmental spending • Privatisation and asset sales • Public investment • Telecoms • Science, research and development • Transport • Aviation • Energy • Defence • Heritage • Industrial Strategy • Self-employment • Prospect’s response
 24 November 2016 

Autumn Statement background briefing - 15 November 2016   info
Contents • Introduction • The economic context • The public finances • Wages and living standards • Public sector and civil service pay • Public services • Infrastructure investment • Other possible announcements
 15 November 2016 

Brexit briefing - September 2016   info
• Brexit – what is happening • Economic impact • Issues for key industries and sectors • Issues for EU nationals in the UK, and UK nationals abroad • Employment rights • What Prospect is doing
 26 September 2016 

PublicEye, issue 1, April 2016   info
Prospect's newsletter for members in public services. Contents include compensation scheme changes and performance management
 21 April 2016 

In the public interest: your world our work   info
Campaign outline with your story template. Whether it is to protect our rivers and seas, inspect workplaces, ensure roadworthy vehicles, educate the next generation, restore energy supplies, keep us connected through ICT, keep us safe in the skies or look after our national security, Prospect members work in all our interests.
 20 April 2016 


Prospect's manifesto for members in public services   info
A5 leaflet called: "Prospect's manifesto for professionals, managers and specialists in public services"

Switch to Direct Debit   info
'Your subs made easy with Direct Debit'. This form is for members who pay their Prospect subscriptions by check-off (direct from their salary) but want to switch to Direct Debit

What future R&D: report of IPMS survey of SET members – November 1999   info
Report of a 1999 survey of civil service members conducted by IPMS, one of Prospect's predecessor unions, about their experiences of working in research and development (R&D)

Don't lose your union protection – switch to Direct Debit   info
A5 flyer encouraging members to switch their subs to Direct Debit in areas where subs from pay is being withdrawn.

Prospect in the civil service: Professional support for professional people   info
Recruitment leaflet. We specialise in representing the interests of civil servants and are able to use our experience in representing managers and professionals across both the private and public sectors to focus on key occupational issues

PublicEye magazine

PublicEye magazine, December 2016   info
PublicEye, Prospect's newsletter for members in public services. December 2016 issue
 21 December 2016 

PublicEye, civil service compensation scheme special edition   info
A special edition of PublicEye, for members in public service, covers proposed changes to the civil service compensation scheme
 05 October 2016 

PublicEye magazine, issue 2, August 2016   info
Prospect's newsletter for members in public services. This issue includes: civil service compensation scheme and the union's new manifesto for staff in public services
 15 August 2016