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Civil service pensions documents

Key documents about civil service pensions that can be downloaded from our online library.

Age Discrimination in the Judges' and Firefighters' Pension Schemes   info
An update on the Employment Tribunal decisions on compaints that pension protection for older judges and firefighters was an unjustifiable age discrimination.
 31 January 2017 

PublicEye, issue 1, April 2016   info
Prospect's newsletter for members in public services. Contents include compensation scheme changes and performance management
 21 April 2016 

Guide for civil service sector members on writing to MPs about Redundancy Cap   info
Guide for civil service sector members on writing to MPs about redundancy cap ahead of second reading of Enterprise Bill 2015-16 in the Commons.
 22 January 2016 

Guidance on responding to consultation on capping redundancy payments in the public sector   info
Briefing note for Prospect members to assist them in responding to the government's consultation on plans to cap redundancy payments in the public sector.
 03 August 2015 

CSSE-CivilServicePensionTraining-June2015   info
Circular on pension training in the Civil Service Sector.
 23 June 2015 

Civil service, DC arrangements, June 2015   info
Note on changes to defined contribution pension arrangements offered by civil service pensions.
 09 June 2015 

Option exercise meeting schedule   info
List and details of civil service sector meetings for members with option about pension provision from April 2015.
 25 September 2014 

Public Eye, issue 7 – November 2012   info
Includes: Attacks on public servants (p1); Pay survey (p1); Pay goals (p1); Campaign action plan (p2); Justice on Commons pay (p2); Pay (p3); In the firing line: hours, mobility, sick pay, leave (p4-5); Pay round-up (p5); Regional pay (p6); Employment (p7); Facility time (p8); Earnings (p8)
 08 November 2012