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Take action

NDA pensions – take action

Our ability to influence the outcome of this consultation depends on how much support we get from members.

Our strength comes from our members. This was best illustrated by the campaigning we did to secure statutory pension protections in the first place; we need to match those efforts now to have a similar impact on the current proposals.

Prospect will ensure you are fully informed about the potential impact of the proposals, and will provide guidance and support for members who want to resist these detrimental changes.

We encourage you to take the following actions, and where possible, encourage others to do the same:

  • Recruit a member to the appropriate trade union
  • Sign the petition
  • Respond to the consultation
  • Lobby your MP
  • Copeland by-election

online application formRecruit a member to the appropriate trade union

Our collective strength depends on our membership; the more members there are, the stronger we will be.

Union membership is very high in this industry but it is not 100%. Please talk to colleagues about this issue and the nature of the threat we face and encourage them to join the trade union appropriate to them. It is easy to join Prospect online.

Sign the petition

Prospect has submitted a petition to the UK Parliament website. Please sign the petition, send the link to family and friends and promote it on social media.

Respond to the consultation

It is important to make your views heard directly. Once the consultation formally opens we will upload guidance on points you can make in responding to it.

Lobby your MP

House of CommonsYour MP can be an important advocate on your behalf. Parliament legislated for pension protections for members of these schemes and these proposals fly in the face of Parliament’s expressed will. Once the consultation formally opens we will upload guidance on lobbying your MP on this issue.

Copeland by-election

A majority of members affected by this consultation work in Sellafield. A significant proportion of these members (and many who work at other nuclear facilities) live in the Copeland parliamentary constituency. The upcoming by-election will give these members the chance to lobby effectively about this issue. We'll provide more details when the date of the by-election has been confirmed.