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Satnam Ner is shaping history as the first black STUC vice-president

Prospect member and representative Satnam Ner is the first black vice-president of the Scottish TUC and hopes to become its president next year. He works as a radiochemistry manager in the nuclear safety department at Rosyth Dockyard, Fife, Scotland. Prospect interviewed him for October's Black History Month.
Satnam Ner

Nuclear workers keep up pressure on redundancy compensation

  • 14 October 2016
Prospect has stepped up its campaign to remove nuclear sector companies from the scope of a cap on redundancy compensation for public sector workers.  
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Hinkley go-ahead will help keep the lights on

Politicians should start being honest with the public about what needs to be done to keep our lights on, following the belated decision to give Hinkley Point C the final go-ahead, said Prospect.
Hinkley point power station

Prospect union slams UK’s “chaotic” energy policy

The government’s move to further delay a decision on building Hinkley Point C is “chaotic and potentially disastrous”
Hinkley point power station

CMA report distracts from main energy issues, says Prospect

The union warned at the launch of the investigation two years ago that it would not address the key challenges facing the energy sector and continued uncertainty would stymie investment

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