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Nuclear news updates

chimney at Sellafield nuclear site
Mike Clancy, general secretary of Prospect, responding to the publication of the government’s position paper on leaving Euratom commented: “Whilst it is welcome that the government has set out its principles for Euratom, there is little reassurance in the new paper about the scale of the challenge facing the UK.

Prospect's two committees representing members in the energy industry, the Energy Supply Industry Sector and the Nuclear Development Group, have decided update our energy policy. Have your say

chimney at Sellafield nuclear site
The government must urgently address the implications of Brexit for the civil nuclear industry or risk losing out on access to billions of pounds worth of business abroad.

Hinkley point power station
Responding to the National Audit Office report into the government’s plans for Hinkley Point C power station, Prospect general secretary Mike Clancy said: “This is a deeply worrying report that highlights the lack of accountability and leadership in British nuclear policy. The UK has the most experienced nuclear workforce in the world but they are being let down by government.

chimney at Sellafield nuclear site
Prospect warns of huge risk to jobs in Britain's nuclear industry if the government gets Brexit wrong