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EnergyEye newsletter

EnergyEye Sept 2014   info
The contents include: Is Ofgem’s latest price control review a step too far? (page 1-2) Call for delegates to Prospect’s skills seminar (page 2) New plan for a GDF; Nugen deal is welcome (pages 3) The benefits of EngTech registration (pages 4-5) Women in nuclear (page 6) UK CCS project wins European funding; next steps for Sellafield campaign (page 7) T-TIP - Economic game changer or democratic deficit (page 8).
 15 September 2014 

EnergyEye, May 2014   info
For Prospect members in energy and decommissioning. Contents include: • Calls for an informed debate on the UK’s energy policy; Prospect member wins nuclear apprentice of the year (page 1) 
• Magnox contract winner welcomed; Chris Finnerty obit; Springfields Fuels loses contract (page 2) 
• CPS changes begin; How will Scottish independence impact on energy issues? (page 3) 
• Report on Powering Improvement; New WorkTime YourTime posters (page 4)
• European works councils; Prospect signs agreement with skills academy; Pay round-up (page 5)
• Feature on smart grids (page 6-7) • Nuvia rep runs wellbeing clinics (page 8)

 30 April 2014 

EnergyEye March 2014   info
The contents includes: • Celebrations as an attack on protected persons’ pension rights is halted (page 1) 
• Sellafield members issue invite to PAC select committee chair; MPs lacked balance in storm investigation debate (page 2) 
• Delay fears follow EU inquiry in Hinkley Point C; Magnox competition draws to a close; The Prospect Pledge campaign (page 3) 
• Feature on Eggborough and the future of coal (page 4)
• Sellafield Workers’ Campaign update: News in brief (page 5)
• Europe’s role in UK energy; New research into the nuclear waste legagy (page 6) • Member recruit Member form (page 7-8)

 28 February 2014 


Prospect submission to HMT consultation on public sector exit payment cap June 2019   info
Prospect submission to HMT consultation on public sector exit payment cap June 2019
 31 May 2019 

Consultation on nuclear pension reform   info
Final draft of Prospect response to BEIS consultation on implementation of NDA pension reforms (July 2018).
 02 July 2018 

NDA pension reform – draft submission to BEIS consultation   info
Draft submission to BEIS consultation on NDA pension reform, June 2018
 22 June 2018 


Act now to re-energise UK renewables   info
The UK’s electricity system is undergoing rapid, unprecedented change. The use of coal has declined dramatically over the past five years while renewables have become a major part of our energy mix, supplying almost a third of our electricity in 2017.
 18 December 2018 

Demanding a just transition for energy workers   info
A leaflet outlining the just transition demands agreed by members of Prospect, GMB, UNISON and Unite.
 17 December 2018 

Making the case for new nuclear – A briefing from Prospect union   info
Making the case for new nuclear – A briefing from Prospect union (2018)
 17 October 2018