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Quick access to a range of environment-related documents from our library

First formal environmental sustaiability workplace agreement   info
Report on ground breaking workplace environmental sustainability agreement at Devonport Royal Dockyard
 25 November 2016 

Devonport environmental sustainability agreement   info
Formal agreement between trade unions (led by Prospect) and employers and site management at Devonport Royal Dockyard.
 25 November 2016 

Prospect and Oxfam 30 year target   info
Can we reach the million pound target? Background to our 30 year association of supporting the poorest of the world. The generosity of Prospect members over the years has supported people across the world to better their lives, giving hope and a sustainable future. Detail on how to donate online or via text giving - as published in Profile this month.
 11 October 2016 

EU exit consultation on climate change   info
The Energy & Climate Change Committee has announced an inquiry exploring the implications of leaving the EU on UK climate change policy. This note calls for input from members for the Prospect submission.
 11 July 2016 

New bargaining guide: carbon management plans   info
Circular drawing attention to the new bargaining guide and presentation on workplace carbon management plans.
 18 March 2016 

Carbon Management Plans and your work footprint   info
Presentation slide show supporting the guide on carbon management plans. The slide show gives an overview of why we need to reduce carbon emissions, the carbon budgets and fun facts on where emissions are coming from. There is specific information on the devolved government legislation and priorities.
 18 March 2016 

Carbon Management Plans and your work footprint   info
This guide aims to equip Prospect members to participate in carbon management plans introduced in their organisations. The guide looks at the impact on working practices and the bargaining considerations in relation to carbon reduction plans
 18 March 2016 

Communications, Legal and Research Report - February 2016   info
This circular provides an update on communications, legal and research activities during February 2016
 14 March 2016 

Workshops: Bargaining for sustainable workplaces   info
Information on national training workshops for members interested in environmental sustainability and climate change OR who is interested in volunteering to be the Branch Environment Representative.
 08 January 2016 

Sustainable workplaces: two new guides   info
We have developed two new guides and a case study booklet encouraging members to participate in workplace environmental sustainability plans and contribute to reducing personal & corporate greenhouse gas emissions. Both guides provide a policy checklist, regulation framework, broad & specific bargaining positions and devolved government policy, plans and support. The guides also make the link to greenhouse gas emissions and the need to reduce them.
 11 December 2015 

Getting started - they did!   info
The case studies included are from a range of workplaces where Prospect members have been or are currently involved in making their workplaces environmentally sustainable. They reflect a range of member initiatives and journeys towards low-carbon, energy efficient workplaces.
 10 December 2015 

Energy efficiency - beyond light bulbs   info
This guide covers energy efficiency and the link between carbon emissions, carbon reduction plans and corporate energy saving plans. It includes a policy checklist and trends shaping the future low-carbon digital workplace.
 10 December 2015 

Ultra low to zero carbon travel & transport   info
This guide covers low and zero-carbon travel and transport plans including hybrid and electric vehicles. It includes a policy checklist, broad and specific bargaining positions, devolved government plans, running costs and links to tax guidance.
 10 December 2015 

Environment update on briefings, articles and resources   info
An update summarising articles, briefings and resources for representatives and members of the international and environment networks. This includes the Sustainable Development Goals, climate change talks and national HUBS in Scotland and Wales.
 30 November 2015 

The 2030 agenda for sustainable development   info
This briefing is about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by 193 countries at the United Nations, in September 2015. Prospect’s energy, good work, health and safety, equality, environment and climate change activity and policies reflect many of the SDGs' ambitions.
 27 November 2015 

Submission: low carbon infrastructure   info
Designed for a different past. Prospect's submission submission to the Energy and Climate Change committee inquiry into the UK’s low carbon electricity network infrastructure.
 05 November 2015 

Sustainability at work: Scotland workshop   info
Notes on outcomes of workshop discussion exploring the proposal to establish a regional 'hub' for members interested and active on environment and social issues related to the workplace.
 03 November 2015 

How workplace environment reps can contribute to Scotland's climate change commitment   info
Prospect briefing outlining how workplace environment reps can help Scotland achieve its climate change commitments.
 06 October 2015 

Workshop programme: Bargaining for a Just Transition & sustainable workplaces   info
A Prospect workshop for members and representatives in Scotland interested both individually and professionally in environmentally sustainable workplaces and climate change. The primary aim is to provide like-minded Prospect members and representatives a space to meet, share experiences, generate ideas and activity in support of environmentally sustainable workplaces and our response to climate change.
 22 September 2015 

Environment Rep agreement   info
Suggested text for a workplace agreement outlines the role description with flexibility for formal and informal arrangements.
 18 June 2015