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Energy news updates

EU referendum
Prospect is urging all members, especially those who work in the nuclear industry, to write to their MPs about the government’s decision to leave the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom).

EU referendum
Scientists and engineers developing a new source of cleaner energy have described the prime minister’s intention to leave the European atomic energy community as ill-informed, irresponsible and unnecessary.

chimney at Sellafield nuclear site
Prospect, the largest trade union for nuclear workers, has welcomed an initiative from energy minister Jesse Norman today (Wed 25 January) to hold further talks with five unions to discuss in more detail their concerns about proposals to cut pensions for nuclear workers.

Sellafield nuclear site
Unions representing workers in the nuclear sector will meet the minister for industry and energy, Jesse Norman, tomorrow (Wednesday) to urge him to suspend a consultation on detrimental changes to their members’ pensions.

industrial landscape at sunset
Government needs to stop departmental infighting and invest in a carbon capture and storage (CCS) clean coal project in Yorkshire, says the largest union for workers in the energy sector.