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Energy news updates

Guest speaker panel, ESI Conference 2017
Delegates at Prospect's energy supply industry sector conference in London on 3 July joined in a lively question and answer session after hearing three guest speakers present the challenges and opportunities facing the UK’s nuclear industry.

David Wagstaff, ESI Conference 2017
Guest speaker Dave Wagstaff, an energy insights senior power analyst at National Grid, gave Prospect's energy supply industry sector conference an overview of the company’s annual work on gathering future energy scenarios.

Dai Hudd, ESI Conference 2017
It’s time to renew Prospect’s energy policy and look to the future, the union’s deputy general secretary, Dai Hudd, told energy supply industry conference delegates.

Dai Hudd, ESI Conference 2017
Deputy general secretary Dai Hudd, who looks after Prospect’s energy sector, thanked all the lay representatives who work hard day in and day out to look after members’ interests.

Mike Clancy, ESI Conference 2017
Prospect general secretary Mike Clancy offered energy supply industry conference delegates an overview of Prospect’s priorities after the general election.