Energy news updates

Richard Clatworthy at energy conference
Richard Clatworthy, a senior project engineer for Western Power Distribution, has worked in the energy industry for more than 30 years and has been a union member for just as long. Earlier this summer he became president of Prospect’s new overarching Energy Sector.

Electricity dials
Prospect has warned that if the government is indeed serious about renationalising parts of National Grid, then it would need to think carefully about the ramifications, not just about the operational risks, but pension liabilities and the future of engineering in the UK.

Climate took centre stage at the Trades Union Congress on Tuesday afternoon as delegates backed motions on the climate crisis, green jobs and a Just Transition for workers

Electricity pylons
Prospect responds to the publication of National Grid's technical report into the blackouts of 9 August.

asbestos warning tape
Electricity workers are more likely to develop mesothelioma and skin cancer than the general population, according to a long-term study of cancer rates among the industry’s workforce.