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Energy documents

Energy documents

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EnergyEye newsletter

EnergyEye, June 2018   info
This issue of EnergyEye includes an interview with Rory Trappe, a Magnox rep, about his battle to secure a future for the Trawsfynydd site.
 26 June 2018 


Prospect submission to Ofgem MPR consultation   info
Prospect's submission to Ofgem's consultation on the need for a RIIO-ED1 MPR.
 26 January 2018  ID: 2018/00160

Prospect submission to Ofgem RIIO2 consultation   info
Prospect's submission to Ofgem's consultation on the RIIO-2 price control framework
 11 September 2017  ID: 2017/01362

Prospect response to : Consultation on a Scottish Energy Strategy: The future of energy in Scotland   info
Prospect's submission to the Scottish Governments consultation on energy strategy in Scotland - May 2017
 23 May 2017  ID: 2017/00802


A powerful voice at work for you   info
Energy and nuclear sector recruitment leaflet
 30 August 2018 

What has happened to pay in the energy networks?   info
Prospect has put together some new research looking at how pay for electricity network employees has fared over the past ten years.
 30 May 2018 

A New Deal for Nuclear   info
Prospect has launched a campaign calling for A New Deal for Nuclear. This pamphlet spells out the union's vision for realising the potential of the UK's civil nuclear industry and what it wants the government to do
 30 June 2017