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Professional training and events

Professional training and events

Prospect’s ECS Group runs courses throughout the UK. For professionals working in educational improvement and children’s services, our courses are the perfect opportunity to get up to speed with policy developments and key issues affecting day-to-day working practices.

Training for Prospect reps

If you’re looking for information about training courses for Prospect reps, please see our reps' training page

ECS group conference

We hold a biennial Aspect group conference which gives members the opportunity to debate and learn about national and international developments in educational improvement and children's services. Our biennial general meeting takes place at this conference.

Thinking of becoming an independent consultant?

If you are thinking of going independent in the current economic climate, you need to consider:

  • the professional context for independent consultancy
  • approaches to effective consultancy
  • the practicalities of setting up a new business.

Cuts to local authority budgets mean that many education professionals – not only those in the ECS Group of Prospect – are facing redundancy and considering setting up as independent consultants. We want to be sure that organisations and individuals are aware of the support being offered by Prospect to those affected.

Our well evaluated one-day course, “Thinking of Going Independent”, explores the option of freelance work for colleagues facing a change in job. We run it as a national course on specific dates, or as a bespoke in-house event with local authorities.

The course offers practical advice, including on finances, for those involved in planning a move into self-employed consultancy:

  • adapting to a new culture where the role is not only different, but less secure, and where familiar concepts of professionalism are set against new contractual relationships
  • identifying opportunities
  • framing a prospectus
  • bidding for contracts
  • developing quality assurance and negotiating compliance mechanisms.

For further information please contact Cheryl Crossley 01924 207890 cheryl.crossley@prospect.org.uk

“Pleasant, purposeful, professional atmosphere, with interesting content, using a good mix of presentation, group work, paired work and reflection.

– Comments from a recent course delegate


Thinking of Going Independent   info
Information about the Aspect Group of Prospect's useful and well evaluated, "Thinking of Going Independent" one-day course that explores the option of freelance work for colleagues facing job-change. This is run both as a national course on specific dates, or can be arranged as a bespoke event to be held in-house within Local Authorities.