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Various downloadable resources relevant to our Education and Children's Services industry members.

National newsletter: EducationEye, March 2017   info
Prospect's newsletter for members in Education and Children's Services. Contents include: schools funding crisis, government's early years workforce strategy, school improvement funding changes, teacher shortages, how Prospect is supporting members, the need for qualified EY staff, Scottish schools, and "selective" comprehensives
 23 March 2017 

Submission: ECS Group response to the Scottish Government Governance Review of Scottish Education   info
Education and Children's Services Group response to Empowering teachers, parents and communities to achieve Excellence and Equity in Education: A Governance Review.
 04 January 2017 

Submission: ECS Group submission to the DfE consultation 'Schools that work for everyone'   info
ECS Group submission to the DfE consultation 'Schools that work for everyone'
 09 December 2016 

Letter: Letter to Rt Hon Justine Greening MP re New Funding for School Improvement   info
Letter welcoming the Government's announcement regarding increased funding for school improvement.
 09 December 2016 

National newsletter: EducationEye, November 2016   info
Prospect's journal for members in education and children's services. Contents include: Standards will suffer as councils lose school improvement funding; shortage of qualified nursery teachers; Scottish Government plans for the governance of schools; grammar schools: the great divide; Information, Advice and Support Services for children and young people with SEND; lessons from recent Uber case; TUC report; briefings; subject associations round-up
 02 December 2016 

Leaflet/booklet: 2017 subscription rates for members in education and children's services   info
2017 subscription rates for members in education and children's services
 11 October 2016 

Briefing: Revised Soulbury Spa Guidance   info
Joint Education Services Circular no 203. Soulbury joint advice on SPA points The nationally agreed joint advice is intended to help authorities administer the Soulbury agreement's "Structured Professional Assessment" (SPA) system in a fair and transparent fashion.
 14 July 2016 

National newsletter: EducationEye, July 2016   info
Magazine for members of Prospect's Education and Children's Services group. Contents include: system-wide failings let down children with SEND; children's professionals come together; forced academies – what now?; serious questions about "free" childcare extension; children let down by mental health services; school building defects in Edinburgh; education debate at national conference, plus more.
 06 July 2016 

Knowledge Document: Counting the cost of high-quality childcare   info
Nursery owner Alexandra Skvortsov explains why the government's advice to stick to minimum staffing ratios to provide more free hours for two-year olds is unworkable
 15 June 2016 

Form: Your World, Our Work story template   info
Template to help us compile the big picture for future campaign work. We’d like you to help us by using this form to tell your story of how your work serves the public interest.
 20 April 2016 

Briefing: The New State Pension - 11 things you need to know   info
The New State Pension - 11 things you need to know Prospect factsheet on the New State Pension
 18 April 2016 

National newsletter: EducationEye, Spring 2016   info
Prospect’s magazine for members in education and children’s services. Spring 2016 issue. Contents include: Children will pay price of forced academies policy; Counting the cost of 'free' childcare; New schools free-for-all – government agency land purchases; Bringing the boardroom to the classroom – a Prince's Trust project; School funding plans endanger democracy; Prospect workers' rights and EU campaigns, plus more
 12 April 2016 

Submission: Prospect reponse to the consultation on School Development Service in Northern Ireland Interim Structures   info
The Education and Children’s Service Group of Prospect welcomed the opportunity to respond to the consultation on the School Development Service interim structures. Prospect represents school improvement professionals, education administrators and managers within the education sector in Northern Ireland and across the UK. In providing a response Prospect drew upon the expertise and experience of members in the Northern Ireland Education Authority and in the education sector generally.
 03 March 2016 

National newsletter: EducationEye, Autumn 2015   info
Prospect's magazine for members in education and children's services. Autumn 2015 issue
 08 December 2015 

Local newsletter: Aspect Group of Prospect Northern Ireland Members' Briefing   info
This briefing is intended for members of the Aspect Group of Prospect working in Northern Ireland. It follows the members’ meeting held on 23 September at the Clounagh Centre, Portadown and summarizes information, discussions and advice provided on the day. Further updates will be provided in due course as negotiation, consultation and discussions with Employer and DE representatives proceed.
 28 September 2015 

Knowledge Document: Statement by Aspect Group of Prospect on the proposed introduction of standardised assessments in Scottish schools   info
The Aspect group of Prospect is urging the Scottish government not to use national testing to rank the performance of primary schools. Tommy Doherty and Paul Watson outline the case against it.
 09 September 2015 

Submission: Aspect Group response to the DfE Consultation on Joint Targeted Reviews of Services to Protect Children   info
In July 2015 the DfE launched a consultation on proposed amendments to the to the Children Act 2004 (Joint Area Reviews) Regulations 2005. The consultation document can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/child-protection-services-joint-agency-reviews
 03 September 2015 

National newsletter: EducationEye, July 2015   info
Newsletter for Aspect Group of Prospect members – the professional voice in children's and young people's services
 08 July 2015 

Leaflet/booklet: Services for Prospect members in Education and Children's services   info
A4 sheet for new members' pack. NB This sheet only applies to members in Education and Children's Services
 23 June 2015 

Leaflet/booklet: Early years recruitment leaflet   info
This leaflet tells early years professionals what Prospect can do for them and encourages them to join. It explains how the union can support them, outlines our Early Years Pledge, and includes a joining form
 01 June 2015