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MOD pay

MoD pay issues

Manifesto for Specialist Pay in MoD

Prospect has published its manifesto for a new approach to pay for defence specialists and professionals

Look out for information about how you can get involved in campaign actions over the next few months, to support Prospect in negotiations with MoD employers.

2016 DE&S pay offer

Prospect has received DE&S's final offer for the 2016 pay review.

Full details of the DE&S pay offer and Prospect's view of it have been published to members.

The DE&S Branch Committee is currently considering how to respond to the offer. Let Prospect have your views by emailing defence@prospect.org.uk.

2016 MoD pay review

Prospect will not reach agreement with MoD on 2016 pay but has decided not to ballot members

Prospect's negotiators have responded to the main department's pay offer by stating that it is unsustainable for MoD to meet its operational resourcing requirements within broad banding and the 1% pay cap, and that therefore the union will not reach an agreement on pay this year.

Full details of the offer can be seen on our news page. The offer is constrained by the government-mandated 1% pay cap, but some improvements were achieved during negotiations, notably to secure higher levels of non-consolidated payment for staff on the max and on a single spine point than in MoD’s original offer. Prospect argued strongly for a consolidated element to the pay review for all staff on their pay scale maxima, but it was not possible to make progress on that point.

Prospect 2016 MoD pay claim

Prospect's claim for this year's MoD pay review seeks consolidated increases and fair treatment for all

Even a 1% pay budget can be spent well or poorly. In seeking to achieve the best for our members, Prospect has written to MoD seeking a pay offer that:

  • Delivers some elements of consolidated increase to all staff, including those at the top of pay spines
  • Provides for top-up non-consolidated payments where required to deliver pay parity
  • Pay a bonus to all staff, rather than Box 1s, to avoid reinforcing the discrimination present in PAR outturns

The claim letter gives further details and Prospect will update members as negotiations progress.  


Prospect has finally received the MoD's proposal for implementation of the NSQEP RRA following the recent review. If you believe that you are in scope for the RRA, or that you may be affected by the revised eligibility criteria, you should read Prospect's latest advice carefully to identify next steps.

1 February 2016 - Implementation and backdating progress report

7 December 2015 - Consultation Document, PCL and guidance from Prospect


Prospect concluded negotiations on the new NSQEP RRA in 2013. Regrettably, issues with implementation and funding mean that some members are still waiting for the allowance that recognises and rewards their valuable scarce skills.

The delay in implementation could have been avoided if MoD had accepted Prospect's representations about which staff would be eligible for the NSQEP allowance. Prospect has also championed the cause of staff in the Clyde Technical Authority who were deemed out of scope because of anticipated privatisation. 

A letter from Prospect to Esther Wallington regarding NSQEP RRA scoping, payment and backdating issues can be read here. Prospect also wrote to the Secretary of State and the Minister for Defence Procurement in an attempt to speed things up.

MoD pay review 2015

Prospect led the way to get a better deal for members in the 2015 MoD pay talks.

Pay increases are still constrained by the Government's pay policy. However, creative thinking and close scrutiny of pay bargaining information enabled Prospect to get MoD to reconsider its position and make an improved offer. The pay review, which will be paid in September and backdated to August, delivers:

  • Consolidated increases for staff below the max @ 0.93% of the weighted mean for their pay scale;
  • An additional consolidated increase of 0.42% for staff on their pay scale minimum;
  • A non-consolidated award of 1.5% for staff on their pay scale maximum;
  • A consolidated increase of 0.42% plus a non-consolidated award of 1% for staff on single-point pay scales.

Thanks to Prospect's intervention. the vast majority of MoD staff will get more this year than MoD's original offer, and no-one will get less. Even in times of pay constraint, Prospect is making a difference.

It is still Prospect's ambition to achieve better pay for professionals and specialists working in MoD, and to get a better focus on specialist pay in the Civil Service more generally. Look out for information about Prospect's campaigns and how you can support Prospect with evidence of how pay constraint is damaging MoD's operations.

DE&S 2015 pay review

Members in DE&S were looking forward to seeing the results of DE&S's much vaunted pay freedoms - part of the rationale for granting trading agency status. So it is disappointing that in 2015 DE&S is still observing the 1% pay constraint, and broadly following the approach negotiated in MoD, with the exception of paying bonuses to a wider pool of staff, around 40% of the workforce overall.

In light of this cautious approach, which does little or nothing to address the severe recruitment difficulties DE&S is facing in specialist skill areas, Prospect was not able to agree the pay review. However, in the light of commitments from DE&S to speed up negotiations on a new pay structure to reward specialists in the future, the union has not formally opposed the 2015 offer, which will now be implemented in September, backdated to 1 August. Negotiators will now focus efforts on achieving the best possible outcome for members under pay arrangements to apply in the future.