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MOD Performance management

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Performance Management in MoD

What you need to know

Prospect campaigns against poor practice in performance management, such as relative assessment and forced distribution of performance markings. But even with such measures in place, there are things you can do to get recognition of your achievements and  protect yourself against unfair appraisal. 

What Prospect is doing now

Prospect has made representations to MoD and in each of the TLBs about improving the Performance Management process.

This is essential because forced distribution threatens everyone in MoD with the possibility of their work being unfairly assessed. Worst of all, the end-year statistics indicate that performance management in practice is discriminating against staff with Equality Act protected characteristics, eg disabled staff, black and minority ethnic staff, and part-time staff. Prospect has briefed members and has written to MoD seeking changes to the current system.

The union is also in dialogue with the Department and each TLB to address the causes of unfair treatment in the Performance Management process.

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