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Quick access to our latest documents for members in MOD

Some documents may have restricted access rights, eg members of our MOD Group Council.

MoDEYE Summer 2018   info
Summer 2018 edition of MoDEYE
 12 July 2018 

MoD Group Representative's Guide Pre-Existing Cases   info
Guide for MoD Group on pre-existing issues.
 07 February 2018 

MoDEYE Autumn 2017   info
Autumn 2017 edition of MoDEYE.
 23 November 2017 

DE&S Performance Management Leaflet   info
DE&S Performance Management Leaflet
 13 September 2017 

MoDEYE Summer 2017   info
Summer 2017 edition of MoDEYE
 05 July 2017 

MoDEYE Summer 2016   info
Summer edition of MoDEYE.
 19 July 2016 

Manifesto for Specialist Pay in MoD   info
Prospect's manifesto for specialist pay in MoD employers.
 10 June 2016 

MoD Group Members Guide to Business Travel   info
Guide for MoD Group on business travel.
 09 June 2016 

MoDEYE Autumn 2015 Edition   info
Autumn 2015 edition of MoDEYE
 04 November 2015 

Prospect Submission to the 2015 SDSR Public Engagement   info
Prospect’s response is broken up into two sections. Section 1 we focus on the development of UK sovereign capability in defence equipment design and manufacturing. In Section 2 we highlight the need to retain an intelligent customer role for civilian personnel in the Ministry of Defence.
 30 October 2015 

MoDEYE Summer 2015 Edition   info
Summer 2015 edition of MoDEYE.
 14 August 2015 

DefenceEye, August 2015   info
For Prospect members in the defence instury
 04 August 2015 

MoD Group ADC 2015 - AGENDA   info
Agenda for MoD Group ADC 2015
 04 June 2015 

DefenceEye, Issue 1, March 2015   info
Contents include: election briefing; defence spending EDM; QinetiQ union recognition; Trident renewal debate; DE&S reform; MOD group conference
 01 April 2015 

MoDEYE February 2015 Edition   info
February 2015 edition of MoDEYE
 13 February 2015 

Defence Eye, December 2014   info
Defence Eye magazine, December 2014
 15 December 2014 

QinetiQ Briefing November 2014   info
Briefing to all Prospect QinetiQ members giving the results of the recent Prospect pay survey.
 10 November 2014 

MoDEYE October 2014 Edition   info
MoDEYE Newsletter for MOD members
 29 October 2014 

DefenceEye, issue 2, October 2014   info
Publication for Prospect members in the defence industry
 08 October 2014 

DefenceEye, issue 1, April 2014   info
Publication for Prospect members in the defence industry
 12 April 2014