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Prospect in the MoD

Prospect is the voice of MoD specialist and professional staff, campaigning and engaging with MoD to defend members and make MoD a better place to work. Prospect's input is more important than ever in the context of the potentially draconian cuts to civilian staff numbers announced in the 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review.

A voice at work that really counts

There is a Prospect branch within each MoD TLB, articulating members' views and interests in dialogue with senior management as well as offering advice and support to colleagues who need it.

MoD recognises the value of this important work and gives Prospect representatives paid time off so that they can combine their union role with their normal operational work.

A democratic and responsive union

MoD Group Conference meets each year to review progress in negotiations and campaigning and to set objectives for the year ahead. The conference brings together delegates from all Prospect's MoD branches and provides a forum for discussion of work-related issues, how members are affected by the Government's defence policy, and Prospect's action plan in MoD employers.

MoD Group Council leads Prospect's negotiating and campaigning work across MoD and allows branches for networking effectively between conferences. 

Latest news

This issue of MoDEYE presents the MoD Group Council’s Annual Report to members. It covers Prospect’s negotiating activities for the year April 2016 to March 2017.

The ballot on MoD in-year reward payments has now closed with an 80% vote in favour of the proposals.

Pay deductions applied to fire officers working for the Ministry of Defence Fire and Rescue Service should be scrapped after parliamentary questions exposed them as arbitrary and unfair, says Prospect union.