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Prospect Pledge campaigning

09 December 2013

Prospect’s Intellectual Property Office branch has been campaigning on the Prospect Pledge, as part of their pay campaign.

Prospect pioneers

06 December 2013

Ele, Beshlie, Fiona, Linda, Mavis, Sara, Lindsay, Dany, Jennifer, Kate and Dawn share three things in common. They are all successful women working in male-dominated occupations, hope to inspire future generations of women scientists and engineers – and they all feature in a Prospect 2014 calendar that celebrates their success.

Departments cannot do more with less

05 December 2013

The Chancellor’s claim in the autumn statement that ‘science is a personal priority’ – on a day when the UK faces severe weather and flood warnings – simply does not hold up.

Vet disease monitor fears

05 December 2013

Prospect says the decision to end post-mortem examinations at eight Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency sites is premature.

Wylfa a step closer

04 December 2013

Prospect has welcomed news that the Treasury has signed a deal with Hitachi and Horizon over the financing of a new nuclear power station at Wylfa, North Wales.

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