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People who work long hours are at an increased risk of stroke, according to a new study.

Sad women holding analogue clock
UK employees’ work-life balance has been ranked second to worst in a comparison of “good work” among 25 developed countries.


Keep Britain afloat and save 40,000 jobs
  • 07 May 2019

Engineering and shipbuilding unions have launched a campaign to save 40,000 shipbuilding jobs being put at risk by the government’s decision to put naval contracts out to international competition.

Diana Robinson: art teacher to SEND expert
  • 17 July 2019

Diana Robinson, who sits on Prospect’s Education and Children’s Services Group Executive Council, talks about her career, her union activism and some of the changes that she’d like to see in education policy.

Unions call for 'Just Transition' commission
  • 08 July 2019

The TUC has published “A just transition to a greener, fairer economy” – a roadmap to meeting the needs of working people in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Environment Agency staff to take action on pay
  • 24 June 2019

Staff to begin action short of strike on 1 July

Science Museum Group staff vote overwhelmingly for industrial action
  • 03 July 2019

Prospect union members in the Science Museum Group (SMG) have voted overwhelmingly for industrial action over pay. Almost 80% of those who responded voted in favour of strike action, while 95% voted for action short of strike. 

BT Members urged to vote 'YES' to accept BT’s final offer
  • 12 July 2019

The BT committee is urging members to vote YES in the ballot, as the company’s final offer is a demonstrable improvement from its starting point.

Supreme Court denies govt appeal of firefighters and judges' pensions
  • 10 July 2019

The Supreme Court has denied the government the opportunity to appeal against the Court of Appeal’s ruling that existing firefighters and judges were unlawfully discriminated against based upon age.

Welcome for big milestone at Hinkley Point C
  • 28 June 2019

Completion of the base for the first reactor, known as “J-zero”, means that construction of the nuclear buildings above ground at Hinkley Point C can now begin in earnest

Double standards on pay shows either ignorance or disdain for what the civil service does
  • 19 July 2019

Following news that police officers, the military, teachers, dentists and others will receive pay rises of at least 2.5 per cent, Prospect have hit back at government policy that will see civil servants receive just 1-2 per cent.

Pay talks turn sour at horticultural research station
  • 26 June 2019

Pay talks have left a bitter taste for members at a horticultural and agricultural research institute at East Malling in Kent

Prospect statement following reports referee targeted with threatening messages
  • 07 January 2019

Prospect, the independent union for Professional Referees in Scotland, is appalled by media reports that a referee may have been targeted with threatening messages.

NATS Gibraltar air traffic controllers to be balloted on industrial action
  • 09 July 2019

Prospect is to ballot its members in NATS Gibraltar for industrial action over pay.