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Prospect responds to BT’s Better Workplace programme

Prospect responds to BT’s Better Workplace programme

Statement for BT members following the announcement of ‘The Better Workplace Programme’

BT has today announced some details of its Better Workplace Programme.

In response, Prospect national secretary, Noel McClean, said: “While the union is committed to working with BT to establish offices that are fit for the 21st century, what is left unsaid in today’s announcement is what will happen to the current estate.”

“Indeed, moving from an estate of over 300 locations to around 30 by 2023 poses a huge logistical challenge for all concerned. For example, closing each existing building will require a period of consultation and considerable support for affected staff, from both the company and the union. Therefore, it is imperative that Prospect maintain a close and regular dialogue with the company as the programme unfolds.”