How you can support LGBT+ Pride events this summer

How you can support LGBT+ Pride events this summer

Prospect is encouraging members to get involved in the LGBT+ Pride season

Lots of events are taking place across the UK and we’re encouraging as many members as possible to get involved.

The events are all listed on the UK Pride organisers’ network website.

Prospect and the BECTU sector will be marching with LGBT+ campaigners at various events – contact if you want to find out if we are at your local event.

What is Pride?

Pride promotes self-affirmation, dignity and equality rights and celebrates sexual diversity and gender variance. It also campaigns against discrimination and violence towards LGBT+ people.

These ideals are all reasons for Prospect, and the wider union movement, to be involved in Pride events.

Can I go to Pride if I’m not LGBT+?

Yes. Pride is about celebrating LGBT+ people in society. It’s a fun event – involving all ages, genders, religions and races. It’s about acceptance and celebration. You don’t have to be LGBT+ to show your support.

Pride in London 2019

London Pride will take place on Saturday 6 July. This is a ticketed event, so if you would like to march with us under the Prospect and BECTU banners, please email

This Pride event gets bigger every year so it is becoming harder to get tickets. If you would like to march with your union, please get in touch asap as we didn’t receive all the tickets we asked for.

Please note, Prospect can’t pay travel and subsistence for members to attend these events, but there’s likely to be an event in a town or city near you.