Prospect statement on Monarch liquidation

Prospect statement on Monarch liquidation

Prospect responds to news that Monarch Aviation Engineering Limited has fallen into administration

  • 04 Jan 2019

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It will come as no surprise that Monarch Aviation Engineering Limited (MAEL) is entering liquidation.The engineering group has struggled along since the collapse of the airline in 2017. In recent months MAEL has lost contracts for work on Flybe and Boeing Aircraft and has been struggling to pay its bills.

Prospect has around 100 members employed at MAEL and although many have found alternative employment, a significant number remain employed and now face an uncertain future. The main areas of concern are the Birmingham and Luton hangars where it appears no buyer could be identified to take over the running of the bases. The line operations of Monarch over recent weeks have all been transferred to new employers, securing many roles.

Prospect has been assisting members with redundancy advice and by providing direct links into other aviation employers where members can submit CV’s directly to the employers by-passing the normal processes.

It is therefore hoped that members will find new employment in the not too distant future, especially given the highly skilled nature of the roles they undertake.

Any members who require help or advice should get in touch here.