Scottish Government ends Civil Service Pay Cap

Prospect welcomes the Scottish Governments official statement ending the Civil Service Pay Cap from 2018

The Scottish Government today published it's most recent Programme for Government. The Programme makes clear that the Scottish Government will end the pay cap for civil and public servants working for the Holyrood administration in 2018.

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The Programme sets out that "Supporting public sector workers We will remove the 1% pay cap from 2018-19. Future pay policy will take account of the cost of living, continue to protect the lowest paid and ensure public sector budgets remain in balance. Our objective is to secure pay rises that are affordable, reflect the real life circumstances people face and recognise the valuable contribution of the public sector workforce.”

The official announcement confirms statements made to Prospect National Secretary Richard Hardy by both the First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Constitution Derek Mackay in a number of meetings since May.

In response to the announcement Hardy said "we've been aware that this would be the case since May, but it's always good to have it in writing so to speak. This is great news for Prospect members employed by Scottish Ministers, now it's important that we keep the pressure up on the Westminster Government to do the same for their civil and public servants, and it's vital that members get behind our "I'm worth more than 1% campaign""