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Prospect President speaks up for arts and entertainment workers at TUC

Prospect President speaks up for arts and entertainment workers at TUC

Denise McGuire, President of Prospect, used a speech at the Trade Union Congress in Brighton to highlight the workplace issues faced by members of Prospect’s BECTU sector who work in the arts and entertainment industry.

  • 13 Sep 2017
  • TUC

Denise McGuire

This was in the TUC debate valuing entertainment workers.

Denise, raising the issue of working for free, said:

“To get into skilled and technical jobs in Audio Visual production, people often have to work for free, not just a volunteering option or a week’s internship. We are talking months. 

“People contribute so much that they are named when the credits roll – because that’s what they are asked for when they apply for jobs.

Denise added:

“These alleged volunteers make a genuine economic contribution but get no pay. It’s shameful Congress. Totally Shameful.”

Denise also raised the issue of agency fees charged upfront to supporting artists. These are illegal in all areas of employment except in the entertainment industry. Prospect is calling for these fees to be outlawed in entertainment too.

Finally Denise raised the ongoing dispute at Picturehouse cinemas where BECTU members are fighting for the living wage. She called on TUC delegates support a boycott of Picturehouse cinemas and show support for the strike.