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Government action needed in light of job cuts at BAE

Government action needed in light of job cuts at BAE

RAF Typhoon aircraft view form below and behaind in climb

Prospect is calling for an end to government policy characterised by short termism and a lack of joined up thinking.

Garry Graham Prospect deputy general secretary said:

“The announcement by BAE highlights the need for a robust industrial strategy to support our defence, maritime and aviation sectors.

“In an increasingly uncertain world- investing in our defence industries is vitally important- we need to retain sovereign capability and capacity and this means that having a long term plan which provides for secure investment and recruiting, retaining and developing the highly skilled workforce we need for the future.

“Increasingly we are seeing defence spend go ‘off shore’ and this is neither good for our nation’s defence posture or our national and local economies”.

He added:

“We hear lots of rhetoric from ministers about the importance of the UK defence sector and the opportunities it provides in a post-Brexit world for international exports.

“What we have not seen is a coherent strategy, learning from governments elsewhere where they support and champion their industries.

“Investing in our sovereign capability is crucial to the security of the UK and for providing a stable platform for exports.

“This will help sustain and strengthen our manufacturing, scientific and research base and provide thousands high quality skilled jobs.”