MPs warn of risks with all lane running on motorways

MPs warn of risk with all lane running on motorways

MPs have published their report into proposals to expand the use of all lane running on England’s motorway network


MPs on the House of Commons transport select committee published their report into Highways England’s proposals to increase the use of all lane running or ‘smart’ motorways in June

Prospect submitted written evidence to the consultation and was subsequently invited to give oral evidence to the full committee.

In their report, MPs accepted the concerns raised by Prospect and others about the safety of using the traditional ‘hard shoulder’ and highlighted the lack of public knowledge and understanding of the all lane running concept. 

The report calls upon the government to demonstrate improvements in key areas before it endorses the scheme. These include:

  • providing more safe refuge areas
  • ensuring the public is aware of the changes
  • ensuring adequate enforcement.

Prospect negotiator Dave Allen said : “We welcome the MPs' findings and are reassured that they share our concerns on public safety and understanding of a new way of using the motorway network.

These issues will have a direct impact on our members; and we will continue to work with Highways England to provide a safe working environment for Highways workers.”