Hinkley guarantee welcome

Prospect hails £2bn Hinkley guarantee as key step towards low carbon future

Prospect today (Monday) has welcomed the government’s £2bn support for the construction of Hinkley Point C.

 On behalf of 21,000 specialists in nuclear decommissioning and energy supply, Garry Graham, deputy general secretary of the trade union, said: "Prospect looks forward to the final investment decision for Hinkley C being made in the very near future.

“It will pave the way for a nuclear renaissance in the UK and provide low carbon base-load generation for decades to come. 

"While there is no energy generation decision without controversy, nuclear is a proven low-carbon technology which helps us meet our climate change obligations and provides safe and secure clean energy for future generations.”

Graham added: “New nuclear is a key part of a balanced energy policy for the UK and is crucial to meeting the needs of consumers and businesses. It also represents a real opportunity for the UK to be a world leader in low carbon base-load generation.

“The construction of Hinkley C will create 25,000 highly skilled and good quality jobs. The key challenge for the UK economy now will be to ensure that we invest in skills so that we have the capacity and capability to build and operate a new fleet of nuclear reactors not only at Hinkley, but also Sizewell, Wylfa, Moorside and Bradwell.”


For further information contact:

Garry Graham  020 7902 6678 (w)   07713 511703 (m)   garry.graham@prospect.org.uk (e)

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