Closures delayed at two power stations

Two Lincolnshire power stations secure a 10-month reprieve

Prospect, the union for energy professionals, welcomed the news today (Wednesday) that members at the Killingholme and Brigg power stations have been awarded another 10 months’ work after securing a contract which will delay the planned closure of both plants.

It follows Killingholme’s successful bid to be part of National Grid’s Strategic Balancing Reserve (SBR) for 2015-16. The smaller plant at Brigg will become a distributed generator providing a direct supply to the local network. 

Grid’s SBR tender exercise aims to avoid blackouts by contracting electricity generation from plant not bidding to enter the electricity market and therefore able to respond to high demand or the sudden loss of power from other plant.

Both gas-fired stations were mothballed in March raising fears over the futures of the remaining 54 staff.

Prospect negotiator Michael Macdonald said: “The success of the Killingholme’s bid and progress on the future of Brigg is a testament to the commitment of our reps and provides some breathing space for colleagues at both sites. The unions and Centrica see the short-life extension as positive news for all.

“The move towards a planned medium-term approach to capacity will reduce costs to the consumer as tight capacity margins push prices up. It will also bridge the gap between the planned closures of both sites and other projects coming online in the Humber valley that could provide our members with redeployment opportunities.”

Macdonald said Prospect would continue to push for more clarity about the future of electricity generation so that companies and individuals can make informed decisions about their future.


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