Sellafield continuity essential

Continuity essential at Sellafield, warns Prospect

Commenting on the news that the government is expected to terminate the £9bn contract awarded to the consortium managing and operating the Sellafield site, nuclear union Prospect has called for continuity in operations to be maintained.

On behalf of 21,000 specialists in nuclear decommissioning and energy supply Prospect national secretary Gill Wood said: “The question now is what will be the alternative?

“Prospect welcomed the extension of Nuclear Management Partners’ contract in 2013 as the least disruptive of the available options given the vast costs associated with either a new competition or re-nationalisation.

“Clearly that is no longer seen as feasible. But while we wait to hear the reasons for the government’s decision it is imperative is that both operational and employment continuity and stability is maintained for both Sellafield’s stakeholders and staff.

“Change always brings challenges and concerns but we call on the NDA and government to ensure this does not raise fears among staff over their employment, spark concerns within the local community over promised development opportunities or detract from the planned decommissioning work programme.”