Ericsson - Vodafone Managed Services - Project Pendleton – Proposal to exit from Aviator Way site, Manchester

Project Pendleton – Proposal to exit from Aviator Way site, Manchester

Prospect has joined consultation with Ericsson over proposals, by the business, to move employees out of its' site at Aviator Way, Manchester.

The union represents a minority group of employees based at that site but will be ensuring that their voice is heard loudly in a wider consultation forum, and in particular we will be looking to work constructively with Unite representatives.

Your local rep Ken Harwood and I have already contacted those members that we can identify who are potentially affected by this, and have raised their concerns in the Project Pendleton consultation forum. Although we have our own theory we did ask what the origin of the project name was (not forthcoming).

We have made it very clear to Ericsson that many of this group moved from Warrington to Manchester in 2011, and expressed robustly concerns about Ericsson's property strategy. We recalled that the union argued that Ericsson should find a site nearer to Birchwood Park rather than move to Manchester. However we were formally advised that Ericsson had every intention of renewing the lease at Aviator Way.

The consultation meetings take place each week and we expect these to continue discussing proposals, including facilities, working arrangements and any measures to support individuals, including continued disturbance payments or similar where appropriate.

If you are affected by the proposed closure and have not already done so, please get in touch with Ken Harwood or myself on 01455 555200 to discuss further.

We believe that there may also be non-members affected by this. If you are aware of any, then please encourage then to join the union, not only to support our consultations but also to provide the best protection for themselves individually. They can do so by visiting

The more members we have the stronger our voice. Ask your colleagues to join us at

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