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Accenture Case Handling TUPE to BT

Accenture Case Handling TUPE to BT

The consultation on the TUPE transfer of the case handling function from Accenture to BT has now concluded.

Following a series of meetings between Accenture, Prospect and employee representatives a final matrix detailing the terms and conditions that in-scope employees will transfer on has now been agreed.

This consultation has been lengthy and detailed and we believe that the final matrix does not represent a detriment with regard to contractual terms and conditions. The full list of terms and conditions can be found in the matrix and answers to many questions can be found of the Sharepoint Q&A section (most of these answers have been reached in consultation between Accenture, BT, employee reps and Prospect).

Some key items that have developed from the transfer are:

BT has made the attached proposal with regard to pension provision for those transferring to them.

BT will offer all transferring employees the opportunity to join the BT Retirement Saving Scheme (BTRSS), a Group Flexible Retirement Plan provided by Standard Life.

Alternatively, transferring employees will be able to opt for membership of a minimum contribution BT Stakeholder scheme as required by the Transfer of Employment [Pension Protection] Regulations 2005.

Those transferring employees who were previously members of Sections A or B of the BT Pension Scheme (BTPS) will alternatively have the option to rejoin the BTPS as a Section B member on the current terms of membership. To be eligible for this option, a former Section A or B member must still have a deferred pension or a pension in payment under the BTPS at the date of transfer to BT.

For the avoidance of doubt, those transferring employees who were previously members of Section C of the BTPS will not have the option to rejoin the BTPS but will be offered membership of the BT Retirement Saving Scheme.

For members who have only been part of the Accenture Pension Scheme or for those were Section C members, this proposal represents a significant detriment. Prospect have proposed that alternative arrangements should be made in order to protect the pension expectations of those transferring, but BT are unwilling to move from this position and it is the same as they used in the Accenture Learning transfer.

BT's proposal is TUPE compliant, as TUPE only provides limited protections with regard to pension provision.

Prospect remain deeply concerned about this situation and we believe that BT should not see TUPE as an opportunity to reduce pension provision for those transferring, especially when some of those are former BT employees who BT transferred several years ago.

Uplift to BT minimum for Senior HR Professional Role
BT's formation of a HR Service Delivery Centre in South Tyneside has led to the creation of a number of jobs there, some of which have been directly comparable to those already carried out by in-scope employees.

Prospect has agreed with BT that they will move all individuals who are below the minimum of the salary range for the senior HR professional role £28,420 to the minimum on transfer. This represents a significant improvement for a number of individuals

Appraisal marks
The switch from Accenture markings to BT markings in appraisals does leave some questions unanswered. However, there is currently a review of this process taking place between BT and Prospect representing the group of Accenture Learning people who TUPE'd across in December 2010. This outcome will provide the process that helps with the harmonisation of appraisal marks.

Accenture 2009/2010 Bonus Payments
For a bonus to be paid in HR BPO under either P4P or the HRS Variable Pay Scheme the business needs to achieve its performance target and individuals need a performance rating of "consistent with peer group" or higher. Any bonus payment made in November 2010 is for the relevant financial year from 01 September 2009 - 31 August 2010 and is not a backdated payment.

Under the HRS Variable Pay Scheme, which applies to level D&E employees, the business target has to be met at 100% (or higher) for a payment to be made.

Under the P4P Scheme, which applies to level A - C employees, the business target has to be met at a minimum of 85% for a bonus payment to be made.

If the targets are achieved by the business at the end of the FY then eligible employees would receive a payment under either scheme for the proportion of the year they have been employed by AHRS. This payment would be made to individuals in November 2010 by Accenture under the standard process for managing payments for individuals who have left the company employment but who are eligible for a bonus payment. If you need more details about this process please contact your line manager.

Individuals who are eligible for the HRS Variable Pay Scheme who transfer after the end of the Accenture financial year (31 August 2010) would also be eligible for any bonus payment awarded in FY11. This amount would be prorated accordingly.

BT Bonus Arrangements
For those at grades D and E currently entitled to Variable pay BT will offer a 10% on target bonus with stretch element being 20% based on the BT Group scorecard. So for all individuals who currently receive a 4% bonus this will be increased to 10% and so will be on par with people who have been appointed into the specialist roles both internally and externally.

For those currently eligible for GAB and/or P4P, BT would seek to align them to existing BT principles and processes.

Full details of this can be found in the bonus proposal document.

Accenture Pay 2010
Prospect are currently negotiating with Accenture on 2010 pay. This is usually payable on the 1 September but as the transferring waves straddle this date we have agreed with both Accenture and Prospect that the outcome of those pay negotiations will be applied to all in-scope employees regardless of the date of transfer (although for some the increase to the minimum of the comparable BT grade may be applicable if this is higher than the negotiated salary increase).

Role Review
Whilst members will transfer to BT on their current Accenture grades we have agreed with BT that a review of this situation will take place within 6 months of the date of transfer.

Transfer Dates
Members will be transferring from Accenture to BT in three waves on through August to September. You will have been informed by management about your date of transfer.

Union Organisation
It is vital that you remain active members of Prospect after transfer as a number of issues still remain to be resolved, such as appraisal mechanisms, a review of roles etc.

Please ensure that you update your details on transfer to BT so that we have accurate records. A link for this is at the bottom of this newsletter.

I would like to thank those members of the branch who have been active in the process and attended meetings on behalf of their colleagues. However, it is important that as a group you all seek to be involved with your union and to encourage as many of your colleagues, both in the TUPE group and the wider organisation, to join Prospect. Together you are stronger.