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Professional and public liability insurance

Professional and public liability insurance

This deal is for members in Prospect's Education and Children's Services group.

Do you work as an independent consultant in the education/children's services area?

If you're a consultant and are self-employed, a contractor, or undertake private consultancy work, even voluntarily for family or friends, you may need professional indemnity insurance cover.

Prospect is pleased to partner with Graybrook, a specialist Liability Broker.

Graybrook offers policies designed for members in our Education and Children's Services group giving exclusive access to an insurance scheme that provides professional and public liability insurance from as little as £3 per week, making this a highly affordable form of protection.

Who may benefit?

Anyone who might be held directly accountable for their work, whether employed or otherwise.

Members will benefit from improved cover and discounted rates following the transfer to HISCOX Insurance in Summer 2016. Details will be sent to those currently insured before their existing policy is renewed.

Members wishing to obtain quotations can contact the brokers and speak to one of their specialist advisors on 01245 321185 or complete the on-line application form at www.graybrook.co.uk/aspect-members.