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Insurance services

Insurance services

car with luggage on roof, parked outside houseProspect's providers offer a wide range of insurance products for members. You can either sign up to Prospect Extra - our free online comparison service, or you can click through to offerings from LV Insurance below.

LV Insurance products include:

  • your car: LV= offers Prospect members a discount on car insurance that lets you tailor the cover to your needs. Or you can get exclusive savings on LV= general public prices and receive £20 off a new car policy if you join Boundless. i-Kube offers a special policy for young drivers
  • your home: LV= offers Prospect members a discount on flexible home insurance with great cover. 
  • the cost of excess charges on your other policies
  • travel: competitive worldwide travel insurance negotiated specifically with Prospect members in mind.
  • motorbike 
  • classic car
  • caravan

Use the links on the left to see a full list of products.

You'll receive a discount on LV= general public prices for these products if you join Boundless (formerly CSMA).