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Health plan

Prospect health plan

Prospect members now have access to a low cost alternative to private medical insurance. Whilst it doesn't cover operations, it will save members money on ongoing medical expenses not covered by the NHS, such as trips to the dentist, optician, physio and much more.

physiotherapistPlans start at just £22 per month.

  • You are covered for 100% of your ongoing medical expenses (up to generous annual maxima)
  • Optical care: when the prescription for your new glasses costs £100, you can claim £100 back
  • Dental check ups, hygienist services, accidental damage and denture repairs are covered
  • Specialist consultations and tests: if your GP refers you to hospital for a scan, you're covered - even if you know about your condition before you join the plan
  • Therapy treatments such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture and a wide range of alternative therapies. Again you are covered for 100% of your bill, even if it's for an existing problem
  • You can also cover up to five dependent children, free of charge.

If you have an existing healthcare plan, call and find out how our scheme compares to other providers. You can switch to the Prospect plan and be covered immediately.

These plans are only available to you as a member of Prospect: you won't find them on the high street or in surgeries.

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