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Dental plan

Prospect dental plan

Prospect offers members access to dental plans which cannot be found on the high street. In association with Protego Group, who are partnered with a 'not for profit' underwriter, members can save money on costly trips to the dentist.

dentistWhether you have an NHS or private dentist there will be a plan to suit your pocket. NHS plans start at £10.50 a month and private plans at £18.25 per month.

Why should you join?

  • This is the only dental plan on the market that pays 100% of your dental bills back (subject to generous annual maxima). So if your check up, scale and polish costs £85, you can claim £85 back
  • White fillings and crowns are also covered on all private plans
  • There are no penalties for claiming, and your premium will not go up when you claim
  • We can cover your partner and family members too, giving you total peace of mind

It's simple and straightforward to join; all you need is a clean bill of health from your dentist.

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