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Prospect Energy Club

Prospect Energy Club

Up to £458 back in your pocket

That’s how much our members saved over the course of a year by taking part in our energy switch. (†)

The Prospect Energy Switch is fuelled by people power. We’ll get you the lowest quote we possibly can for your energy bills. You’ve got nothing to lose.

The next collective switch will open for registration on 18 September 2019. Registration will end on 15 October 2019.

You’ll be contacted after 15 October and notified of the details of your better energy tariff.

Once negotiations are finalised, the winning tariff will be announced to members who signed up.

There is absolutely no obligation to switch if you don’t want to after you’ve seen the deal.

  • more than 2,000 members have saved money on their bills
  • collectively members have saved more than £730,000 on their bills
  • you can expect to save up to £458(†).

How it works

The more members who sign up, the better our position will be when bargaining with the energy companies to bring you the best possible energy deals.

When all submissions have been received, we’ll contact energy providers on your behalf and present the exclusive energy tariff back to you – so remember to look out for these. There’s absolutely no obligation to switch if you don't want to!

Why crowdswitch?

Crowdswitching uses the power of a collective to access exclusive, market-beating energy rates that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere on the open market.

Energy companies are willing to do this as the value of a group of people is much greater than the value of an individual – so they’ll compete to get your business and offer you cheap deals.

Cheaper energy for longer

Now is the perfect time to switch. Energy price hikes are inevitable, but lower bills are still possible. If we can secure you an even better fixed-tariff deal, you could benefit from the saving for years to come. Stop paying more for your energy and join the switch.

(†) 10% of members saved £458 or more during the collective switch which ran from 1 January 2017 - 1 November 2018

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