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Document type: Information update (News)

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ID Document type Title Publication date
2018/01204 Information update (News) Further detail needed on criteria for EU nationals seeking settled status, says Prospect 21 June 2018
2018/01198 Information update (News) How energy and telecoms are starting to overlap 21 June 2018
2018/01193 Information update (News) British Museum pregnancy dismissal found unlawful 21 June 2018
2018/01180 Information update (News) Prospect welcomes MPs' intervention on submarine dismantling 19 June 2018
2018/01179 Information update (News) Outsourcing military fire services to Capita a risky decision 18 June 2018
2018/01177 Information update (News) Prospect State Pension Age petition reaches 12,000 signatures 18 June 2018
2018/01175 Information update (News) E.ON pensions 2018 – Consultation, the ballot and beyond 18 June 2018
2018/01170 Information update (News) Stress worst for men with pre-existing health conditions 15 June 2018
2018/01163 Information update (News) New proposals on employee engagement 'totally inadequate' Prospect warns 14 June 2018
2018/01154 Information update (News) BT and Carillion models in the firing line at national conference 13 June 2018
2018/01153 Information update (News) Prospect signs recognition deal with LondonEnergy 13 June 2018
2018/01147 Information update (News) BBC staff overwhelmingly back BECTU negotiated deal 12 June 2018
2018/01142 Information update (News) Unilever R&D Redundancies Colworth 11 June 2018
2018/01138 Information update (News) A third of women say they have faced sexual harassment at work 11 June 2018
2018/01128 Information update (News) BT must find Gavin Patterson replacement fast 08 June 2018
2018/01127 Information update (News) Prospect reps in BT gear up to resist 13,000 job losses 07 June 2018
2018/01126 Information update (News) Push back on BT's unrealistic jobs plan – emergency motions 07 June 2018
2018/01125 Information update (News) Protect those affected by BT’s People Framework changes 07 June 2018
2018/01122 Information update (News) Remain in Prospect after leaving BT, conference hears 07 June 2018
2018/01121 Information update (News) Conference calls for end to BT pay disparities 07 June 2018
2018/01120 Information update (News) Educate young workers about performance traps, BT conference told 07 June 2018
2018/01108 Information update (News) Dai Hudd: an illustrious career 06 June 2018
2018/01107 Information update (News) Denise McGuire: fighting for a better world 06 June 2018
2018/01105 Information update (News) Brexit dominates conference debate 06 June 2018
2018/01104 Information update (News) Awards highlight reps’ innovation and dedication 05 June 2018
2018/01103 Information update (News) Sexual harassment in the workplace is a union issue 05 June 2018
2018/01101 Information update (News) Hilary Benn, CBI chief economist and NATS CEO unpick Brexit at Prospect conference 05 June 2018
2018/01100 Information update (News) Prospect supports Brexit people’s vote on exit terms 05 June 2018
2018/01097 Information update (News) Skills and resilience must be part of the plan for Heathrow 05 June 2018
2018/01096 Information update (News) Prospect commits to increased campaigning against deregulation and outsourcing 05 June 2018