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2018/00260 Circular: Standard PSSEC - firefighters' and judges' age discrimination cases 09 February 2018
2018/00257 Information update (News) Prospect gets ready for HeartUnions week 09 February 2018
2018/00135 Information update (News) Public sector pension scheme members to get full inflation protection 22 January 2018
2018/00128 Information update (News) Plans to water down medical checks on asbestos workers abandoned 19 January 2018
2018/00098 Information update (News) Government STEM skills gap work not good enough 17 January 2018
2018/00078 Information update (News) Prospect urges the government to urgently review its policy of outsourcing 15 January 2018
2018/00056 Information update (News) Prospect welcomes update to ministerial code 09 January 2018
2018/00024 Information update (News) Delays over security review risk UK defence capability, warns Prospect 05 January 2018
2018/00014 Information update (News) Fire and rescue service members become the Fire Leaders Association 03 January 2018
2017/02027 Information update (News) Pay cap goes in Scotland but concern remains 14 December 2017
2017/01912 Briefing Autumn Budget 2017 - initial summary 22 November 2017
2017/01830 Information update (News) Prospect calls on government to honour past agreements on redundancy compensation 08 November 2017
2017/01801 Information update (News) Prospect members in landmark deal to deliver equal pay at the Met Office 01 November 2017
2017/01737 Submission Consultation on the civil service's defined contribution pensions provider 25 October 2017
2017/01665 Information update (News) Ten things you didn’t know about Prospect’s work in the public services 17 October 2017
2017/01377 Information update (News) Pay cap not dead until money appears in public sector pay packets 12 September 2017
2017/01363 Information update (News) Prospect calls for more employee representation on public sector boards at TUC 11 September 2017
2017/01332 Information update (News) Pressure mounts on Downing Street after Scotland scraps public sector pay cap 05 September 2017
2017/01246 Information update (News) Thumbs up for VOA performance pilot 17 August 2017
2017/01021 Information update (News) Prospect ill health pension successes 06 July 2017
2017/00995 Information update (News) Prospect backs Scottish government’s call to end austerity 30 June 2017
2017/00988 Information update (News) Now’s the time to talk to politicians about your pay 29 June 2017
2017/00968 Information update (News) Prospect backs Valuation Office Agency's new performance system 23 June 2017
2017/00966 Information update (News) Prospect responds on Devolved Public Sector Redundancy Consultation 23 June 2017
2017/00967 Submission A Severance Policy for Scotland: Consultation on severance arrangements across the devolved public sector 23 June 2017
2017/00943 Information update (News) Prospect calls on PM to end public sector pay cap 20 June 2017
2017/00676 News release Civil service pay cap fails to address skills gap 21 April 2017
2017/00673 Information update (News) Civil service pay cap fails to address skills gap 21 April 2017
2017/00371 News round-up Prospect news for members in public services 21 February 2017
2017/00295 Information update (News) Apprenticeships agreement opens up new avenues for Prospect 10 February 2017