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Prospect trade union members at SONI, which operates the electricity transmission system for Northern Ireland, have suspended their current industrial action including a 24 hour strike scheduled for 15 April. The suspension comes after an eleventh hour improved pay offer from SONI management.

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New cap a further attack on public sector workers

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Update on the air traffic control dispute in the Highlands and Islands


From food to transport and from the environment to utilities, societies and economies rely on effective regulation.

The court of appeal and two employment tribunals have ruled against the government in two cases relating to judges’ and firefighters’ pension schemes which could have far reaching consequences for other public sector pensions.


Delays in ship-building and decommissioning are putting jobs and skills at risk
  • 3-Apr-2019 09:23

The National Audit Office has published a report criticising the MoD for wasting money by storing old submarines instead of...

Prospect responds to Ofsted consultation on new inspection framework
  • 5-Apr-2019 14:22

Prospect’s Education and Children’s Services Group have published their submission to the Ofsted consultation on a new inspection framework, the...

The panel: Is 100% renewables possible in the UK?
  • 10-Apr-2019 10:09

The first panel discussion at Prospect’s energy summit asked a distinguished panel to consider if it would be possible for...

Prospect members take Natural England campaign to parliament
  • 12-Mar-2019 14:43

Reps from Natural England launch report in the House of Commons

National Trust members call for better consistency in appraisals
  • 17-Apr-2019 16:23

More than seven in ten Prospect members in the National Trust do not think the appraisal process is managed fairly...

Ericsson: Field Operative pay 2019 – update on ballot result
  • 15-Apr-2019 11:41

Feedback from the Field Operative pay 2019

Seven-year legal battle brings discrimination victory for dozens of civil servants
  • 6-Mar-2019 16:22

Almost 50 civil servants who were discriminated against due to their race or age by the Home Office have together...

Empowering female engineers
  • 5-Feb-2019 11:06

Laura Leitch is playing a key role in the environmental safety at Heysham 1 power station, but is also determined...

New redundancy cap will hit ordinary public sector workers
  • 10-Apr-2019 10:18

New cap a further attack on public sector workers

Get inspired at the Women in Science and Engineering conference
  • 8-Apr-2019 11:02

Learn from leaders, be inspired and get involved at the Women in Science and Engineering conference which will be held...

Prospect statement following reports referee targeted with threatening messages
  • 7-Jan-2019 13:50

Prospect, the independent union for Professional Referees in Scotland, is appalled by media reports that a referee may have been...

Industrial action at Glasgow Airport suspended
  • 15-Apr-2019 20:26

Joint statement from Prospect, Unite and AGS Airports