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Rights at work blog

Rights at work blog

Union and EU flags in front of the Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben), Westmister

Hands off our holidays!

Our rights to paid holiday are under attack, as some senior government ministers take aim at dismantling working time rights after Brexit. Reports this weekend show that there is a drive by some in the government to scrap working time rights, which are currently underpinned by EU law, including the...

Office workers in festive hats toasting glasses

Staff at Met Office campaigning for equal pay

Unions fight for equal pay

On Equal Pay Day we recognise the sad truth of the persistent gender pay gap, but we should also celebrate the work of unions in achieving greater equality.

Collective action cartoon

A union victory is a win for all

I am a young trade union official but, despite my best efforts, I have friends who struggle to see the benefits of being in a union. “What’s in it for me?” they ask. “I don’t have a problem at work.”Trade unions have had many success stories to shout about over...

Prospect members posing with recruitment stickers

Strength of the collective voice

Unions have a proud history of improving members' rights in the workplace, through negotiating pay and terms and conditions, promoting equality and fairness, and protecting workers’ health and safety.