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Pensions blog

Pensions blog

Prospect's pensions officers blog about the issues that exercise their minds.

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Pension Protection Fund - increasing the cap on compensation

The Pension Protection Fund (the PPF) was established under the Pensions Act 2004 to provide compensation to members of defined benefit pension schemes facing a shortfall in their pension as a result of the insolvency of the sponsoring employer and there being insufficient assets in the scheme to pay the...

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Triple Lock – a long term mechanism?

You'd think the new State Pension introduced in April would give us some certainty about the future of state pensions, and chance for a breather.

Would Brexit push pension funds over the brink?

The below was first published on Prospect's EU Matters website. The scaremongering has continued on both sides of the EU Referendum debate and, as ever, it is difficult to know where the truth lies. I’ll offer an opinion on what Brexit could mean for pension funds in the short term. ...

Unions - good for your retirement

A couple of weeks ago the Office for National Statistics published a useful document on trade union density . 

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Ta-ta to pension increases?

I posted previously about British Steel/Tata and the impact their pension deficit is having on the ongoing viability of the company and its ability to find buyers.