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Pensions blog

Pensions blog

Prospect's pensions officers blog about the issues that exercise their minds.

Stack of pension coins declining in size

Defined contribution access - our flexible friend?

Treasury has published statistics on the numbers of people accessing defined contribution pots since the freedoms were implemented and how much of these savings has been taken. For fans of huge reams of statistics and annexes and analysis, the document will come as a bit of a disappointment.  In fact...

Fork in road for work and retire

Promises, promises...?

As mentioned in my last blog piece, the British Steel crisis has got me thinking about the long term nature of a pensions promise.

Another price of austerity?

British Steel and BHS’s pension woes get me to thinking of two long standing bug bears I’ve had with defined benefit provision. I’ll look at the first one here.

Where next for pension tax relief?

It’s a rare Budget that goes by without some tweaking of the system of pension tax relief. More recently, radical reform has been seriously debated. This blog post considers how pension tax relief might be altered in the future.