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Re: Nuclear winter of discontent?
I have recently lobbied my local MP (Sue Hayman, Workington) with the follwoing letter. (Others who are not lifelong members may have similar experience of being promised, upon joining the company form outside industry , that the company pension was a safe option). Any comments welcome: "Sue, having joined Sellafield in 2001, at the age of 38, following many years working in the local area, I was promised, via my contract, that a company pension would be provided.   I was also advised that it would be advantageous to transfer any other pensions into this scheme, which I did. I was advised that my years accrued outside would only buy 3 years within their scheme. I transferred on this advice - giving a forecast total of approx 26 years at retirement age - hardly a fortune in pension terms.   You will no doubt be aware that recent communications from the company have informed pension members that the company (via the NDA) intend to change this contract, with 2 options on offer. Their communication also stated that this change would become effective, retrospectively, from April 2012. I would like to challenge the legality of retrospectively changing the contract I entered into, without due consultation at that time (i.e. 2012) This has disadvantaged myself and my co-workers by an additional 5 years.   As a lifelong citizen of west cumbria and worker at Sellafield I have stayed loyal to Sellafield and feel passionate that we have a duty to protect our community and the environment of the north west of our country from the unique legacy of hazards we deal with daily. I have personally rebuffed more lucrative offers of employment to fulfil this duty and feel betrayed that this loyalty is now being ignored. I believe that the current attack on the above terms and conditions will seriously undermine the loyalty of an increasingly disillusioned workforce and this will inevitably erode the experience currently held within the company to face the continued hazards and challenges on Sellafield.   I would appreciate your support and those of your parliamentary colleagues with this challenge.   Yours Sincerely.   Andrew Brown Commissioning Manager (THORP and MAGNOX) Sellafield"