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Re: Nuclear winter of discontent?
Keith / Andrew - thanks for your comments, I'm sure the sentiment is shared by the vast majority of your colleagues both in the companies you work for and all other companies across the NDA estate. You both raise (explcitly or implicitly) the issue of legality. The legal issues affecting the redundancy cap proprosal and the NDA's pension consultation are different (naturally enough as they are different proposals affecting different aspects of your terms and conditions), There will also be differences in the positition of different groups of members depending on a number of factors (eg whether they are covered by the Electricity Act or Energy Act). Prospect will closely examine whether any final proposed changes can be challenged on any legal grounds for any group of members. However it is important that we do not rely on the possibility of a successful legal challenge to the exclusion of responding robustly to consultations on these issues. We must lobby as hard as possible to influence these proposals for the better now because (1) there is never any certainty of success with a legal challenge and (2) the Government could potentially secure the approval of Parliament to change aspects of the legislation we might seek to rely on in a challenge (eg if we rely on the protection of the Energy Act, the relevant part of that Act could potentially be repealed by Parliament before our challenge was heard).