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Re: Nuclear winter of discontent?
• I am 53 years old (54 in January) • I started paying my pension at the age of 16 as an Apprentice at BNFL and have 37 years of continuous service • I will have built up 40 years of my pension in 2019 and would have accrued 44 years if I went on to retire on Jan 10th 2023. • I have maintained my commitment and loyalty to this company and this industry. I have worked diligently all my working life because I see the nuclear clean up mission as a vocation not simply a job. • I stayed at this company despite the attractions of working elsewhere or becoming self employed to earn £30, £40 or £50 per hour, simply because of my desire to build a career and not just to earn more money. • This was obviously further tempered by the attraction of a Final Salary Pension. • I am not a “fat cat” looking for a bumper pay off, I am simply a working man who wants the contract, which I entered into 37 years ago, to be honoured.