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Re: Nuclear winter of discontent?
Having received a redundacy reference value letter and having a define benefit pension protected by statute I felt secure in my roll in operating and now defueling/ decommissioning. I have made plans based on these promises knowing that I would be made redundant in my fifties. Many years ago I made a commitment to the NDA to operate and decommission their power station with these promises in place. Having honoured my end of the bargin and within two years of being made redundant the NDA and Government want to change the rules. I have written to my MP outlining the situation, I have read all the partiamentary debates and feel cheated by the lack of integrity that the politicians are showing regarding the effect of these changes on Magnox employees. The NDA and Government use the word TRUST whilst dealing with their workforce. Having kept to my side of the bargin I TRUSTED that the NDA and Government to honour the promises they made many years ago regarding my pension and redundancy terms. With two years left to redundancy and with two young children to support I have never felt more insecure. Having exhausted all reasonable augument the union must test the attack on the protected persons pensions in court and do whatever it takes to resolve the effects of the exit cap. I am extremely angry about this situation,  You will have my full support on whatever actions you deem appropriate to resolve both these issues.