Are you aware of health and safety risks at work?

Do you know what action to take when an issue arises?

Prospect helps members to resolve health and safety issues at work by providing advice to take action and by working together to make the world of work safer.

Prospect's WorkSafe resources aim to:

  • Highlight key health and safety issues in the workplace
  • Provide guidance and advice though online resources
  • Provide further advice and support if required via our network of health and safety reps

Download the WorkSafe poster pack

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Safe driving

Download the safe driving poster

For many members, driving is the most dangerous thing they will do at work. We’ve pulled together a range of resources about how you and your employer can keep you safe – and healthy – on the road.

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Lone working

Download the lone working poster

Employers need to ensure that people who work by themselves are placed at no greater risk than other employees. Find out more about lone working, where training and communication systems are crucial.

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Download the PPE poster

People come in different shapes and sizes, so we need PPE that fits and is suitable for the job.  Research has shown that, all too often, women – particularly those working in the electricity industry – are given PPE that doesn’t fit properly.

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Download the stress poster

Rates of work stress are at a record high, despite there being tried and tested methods for reducing it. Find out more about stress and how it can be tackled with these resources.

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Rest breaks

Download the rest breaks poster

More and more people are working through their breaks, and research even suggests that people are increasingly using their leave to do paid work. As a minimum, workers have the right to one uninterrupted 20 minute rest break a day, as well as daily and weekly breaks. Make sure you take it.

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Download the hazards poster

Immediate dangers are often easy to identify. Others – particularly those that affect our health – can be harder to spot. Trade unions have developed methods to uncover the less obvious dangers lurking in our workplaces.

For further information on health and safety, please visit our health and safety page.

Also, you can download a range of WorkSafe posters to display in your workplace.

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