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Prospect is committed to fighting for equality of opportunity for all our members because we believe that all workplaces, and society generally, benefit by including everyone.

In members’ workplaces, we aim to ensure that all employers have an equal opportunities policy that specifically covers race equality. This should include measures to deal with institutional racism, including tackling racial harassment and bullying.

The law

The Equality Act outlaws discrimination, harassment and victimisation on the grounds of race, ethnicity and nationality.

We press employers to adopt the responsibilities under the Equality Act that include a public-sector duty to promote good race relations and eliminate racial discrimination. (Although this applies only to the public sector, the duties on employers are good business practice and should also therefore apply in the private and voluntary sectors.)

Our guidance

Prospect negotiators and representatives are encouraged to address equality in their workplace bargaining agendas. As well as ensuring equality in pay, conditions, recruitment, selection, promotion, training and development, we seek to:

  • negotiate agreements that allow workers to take their leave around their own cultural or religious holidays, or extended leave to visit family abroad
  • negotiate the introduction of positive action programmes
  • ensure that equivalent foreign qualifications are accepted where appropriate
  • ensure that particular dietary requirements are taken into account, both in workplace restaurants and also when catering for meetings or training events.

As part of our commitment to tackling racism, Prospect is affiliated to Unite Against Fascism, a national campaigning organisation dedicated to tackling fascism and racism.

Prospect is also affiliated to Show Racism the Red Card, a campaigning organisation that uses the high profile of football and footballers to fight racism.

Prospect also supports the work of Searchlight and the Hope Not Hate campaigns.

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Race and pay

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Prospect resources for equality and diversity

Prospect provides advice and guidance on a range of equalities issues, which can be accessed under the Resources tab in the left-hand navigation menu. This includes links to guides, posters and leaflets etc.